Terms & Privacy Policy

All confirmations of reservations of THE GAMES POD require a deposit of £100. A reservation will not be deemed to have been confirmed until the deposit has been received.

In the event of a cancellation THE GAMES POD will charge the following:

1. For cancellations over 28 days before your party there is NO CHARGE.

2. For cancellations between 15 and 28 days before your party there is a £100 fee required.

3. For cancellations less than 15 days before your party the full price will be required.

All cancellations must be corroborated in writing.

All remaining monies due must be paid at least 10 working days before your party.

We aim to arrive at least 40 minutes before the party starts. However, as we all know traffic can sometimes be an issue. If we are late arriving to your party, we will, of course, allow the party to last for the length of time you have paid for.

If we discover that the party location is unsuitable for THE GAMES POD when we arrive, we will have no choice but to leave without re-imbursement.

Please ensure that your guests’ parents and or guardians are aware of the games that are being played at your party. THE GAMES POD will work with you to advise you on this matter, but ultimately it’s your decision on which games your guests’ play.

Please provide us with the names of guests in writing who are not allowed to play certain games and we will do our utmost to ensure your wishes are granted.

We would very much like to take photographs of your party so that we can promote THE GAMES POD. If you would not like us to do this please inform us in writing of your wishes.

In the unlikely event of a major technical breakdown in THE GAMES POD, either at your party or a previous party and we cannot carry out our contract with you, you will be offered a full refund. Alternatively you could reschedule the party for another time.

In the event of damage to our equipment or vehicle that is caused by excessively harsh treatment or vandalism and that is deemed purposeful we reserve the right to charge to the originally contracted person the full amount to repair or replace the equipment.

We will not be held accountable for any damage to property and estates that is deemed to have been caused by our members of staff.

THE GAMES POD is a strictly no smoking vehicle. The consumption of food and drink within THE GAMES POD is also not allowed.

We will not accept poor, aggressive or threatening behavior within THE GAMES POD directed at either our staff or other guests. If this does happen, we reserve the right to end the party immediately without re-imbursement.

If any individual is thought by our staff to be drunk or intoxicated by drugs, they will not be allowed access to THE GAMES POD.

We are committed to ensuring that THE GAMES POD is safe and clean and adheres to Health & Safety requirements. Our latest Health & Safety Risk Assessment is available for your piece of mind.

Anyone entering the THE GAMES POD vehicle does so entirely at his or her own risk.

THE GAMES POD has full Public Liability Insurance and all of our team have been fully vetted.