• What is The Games Pod?

    The Games Pod is the Ultimate Mobile Party & Events Video Game Entertainment Pod that comes to you. It's also the most stylish & modern video gaming pod in the UK.
  • What do I need to host The Games Pod?

    Somewhere to park the Pod and a power supply If you are unsure whether it will fit, please call us. If you don't have an appropriate power supply at your location we can supply a generator at minimal cost. Please let us know beforehand.
  • What if I don’t have the parking space?

    We can park almost anywhere and position the Pod by hand once we have arrived. If you don’t have any space or suitable parking area then you could make arrangements with a local community centre, school, church or other community group to get things up and running.
  • How far will you Travel?

    We are based in Tunbridge Wells in Kent.We are willing to venture further afield but this may incur further travelling costs. Please fill in our enquiry form for further details.
  • What games are available to play?

    We carry a comprehensive catalog of games ranging from PEGI 3 to PEGI 18 ratings. Please click here for a direct link to the PEGI rating web site. The Games Pod is a social gaming experience so most of our games are multi-player. Depending on ht game selection, we are able to support up to 10 gamers simultaneously. This provides a competitive social gaming experience. Please see our Games page for our most popular games currently been played. If you require a specific game then please Contact Us as we will ensure it is included in your event at no extra cost. Please note that our games are age appropriate and in keeping with legal ratings.
  • Are you willing to customise my event?

    Of course we will. It's best to give us a call to discuss your exact requirements.
  • Is there a minimum age for the party group?

    There is no minimum age requirement but we would strongly recommend that the minimum age group would be 5 to 6 year olds, primarily due to younger children's attention span.
  • Will the UK weather effect my event?

    The Pods are not affected by weather and are self contained, fully water proof and climate controlled. We have air-conditioning to keep you cool in hot weather and a heater to keep you warm in cool weather. The Games Pod LTD does however reserve the right to cancel/reschedule events due to dangerous weather.